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→ Our Alignment ←


We want to pour into our teams and into the community surrounding each MARS team. We’ll sponsor and host races to raise money and awareness. We’ll hold speaking conferences with topics focused on the elements in our alignment. Let’s reach the stars together! 


Motivation is fickle! It comes and goes as it pleases and seems almost impossible to re-create on our own – BUT what if we told you that’s okay? Let’s ride the tide on this and go with gravity. When you’re naturally feeling motivated take it on and make the most out of it! We’ll talk in depth about this and MORE within our teams, blogs, and conferences.

Mental Health

It’s no secret that mental health is on the rise of hot topics lately, and should be! It’s a concern that involves ALL of us either directly or indirectly and can be a major contributor to success or failure when we aim to accomplish a goal. We aren’t afraid to speak up and speak out on this topic – let’s spread awareness and disengage the idea that mental health feels a little taboo – It’s just not!

Physical Health

Here’s the kicker when it comes to lack of motivation! How easy is it to knock out a few days of exercise, meal prep, or research and commit to a routine – only to fall off shortly into it and give up? We’d like to work with and interview professionals for the latest on fitness. Join our team to help others reach fitness goals OR to reach your own goals! We’re in this together!