New Year, New Gear! FIRST POST of 2018.

2018 is here – Welcome to it!

As we bring in the New Year a lot of us already have a list of resolutions and “fix me up” ideas we plan to execute for the G R E A T E S T Y E A R E V E R.

Unfortunately, we know many of these we’ll waiver from or just simply forget.

One of the top recurring resolutions for the general populace involves – you guessed it – Health.

With that being said, we would like to introduce you to our goals for this fresh year!

MARS is currently working with manufacturers from all over the world – GLOBAL – to get the best apparel in YOUR hands!

We’ll be scouting for local & online brand ambassadors that we feel will reflect positively for our overall goal here. It’s not about money – it’s about “legacy” and the movement we’d like you all to be a part of.

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your contributions will be used to encourage, motivate, and sponsor others with the same goals in mind?

We are donating 10% of each sale to our very own MARS Sponsorship Program.

The details of this program are up & coming so stay tuned to see how you can gain access to top quality gym apparel (or casual apparel) <– That’s right wear the brand how you wish!

Our first Merch launch is expected to hit before the summer of 2018!

As if that’s not enough MARS will sponsor / host 5k races and other fitness events for the local communities in the hope that we can contribute to the overall betterment of our extended family.

Here’s the list of goals for MARS this year – Partner with us to get there!

  1. First Product Launch
  2. Establishment of MARS Sponsorship Program
  3. First E-Book Launch
  4. Weekly updates / Happenings via Webpage
  5. YouTube Channel Launch (weekly/monthly video updates, interviews, workouts)
  6. Co-Sponsor 5k Race / Fitness Event
  7. Brand Ambassadors
  8. Gain Organic following of 1k – YOU can help!

Our goal is to stay transparent and organic in the way we run this brand. We would like to see MARS become inspirational in the services we intend to offer down the line, the money we intend to give back to the community, and the support we intend to give to the MARS Family.


IG @marsaligned

LinkedIn : MARS Aligned

FaceBook: /marsalignyourself



Sweat with us. Work with us. Move with us. 




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