It’s been a little while now since our last post- but we are still working hard to put all of our moving pieces together.

For the longest time now I (Ashley) have been taking several supplements, most of which are in  pill/capsule form. Y U C K! On top of the dislike for taking several pills on a daily basis, there are days (sometimes in a row) that i forget to take some.

This was super important to me when I set out to research and discover a product that I hope will one day be our main line through MARS.

Guys, it’s not easy starting up this line from scratch – but I KNOW a couple of years from now we’ll have something solid and reputable and that keeps me going!

Now, as a woman I put a ton of effort into researching information about digestive health. What foods I should limit or cut out – which food groups to pair with other food groups for the best absorption – enzymes…you name it. It is sometimes completely overwhelming, honestly.

Along with digestion, I’m obsessed with collagen and it’s effect on skin, hair, and nails! It’s super important to start taking care of these things at an earlier age before the effects of UV rays, alcohol, and stress begin to wear & tear on your system.

That’s how I came to the idea of a special supplement – and I promise I am ticking away at each manufacturer I can get a hold of for the BEST possible product in the market.

You won’t see anything out in the market like this!

….Stay tuned !




More on health and support:





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