*REPOST* Find fitness motivation anywhere


The Art of Being Fabulous


This post is a detour from what I wanted to write today because I didn’t finish thinking through my original idea.  But since my fitness motivation has finally hit the level I was working out in last year, this post came easier to me. So, you’re getting fitness motivation from “I finally got my stuff back together Sam”!

Look for inspiration online 

Sicily, Italy

  • Check out Pinterest, Instagram, fitness sites or friends for motivation; anything that will help you see what you can achieve if you work hard. Whenever you find your motivation disappearing, check them to help.
  • Send yourself positive messages for motivation.
  • Take pictures of your journey.
  • Visually track your progress to motivate you further. Imagine what it feels like when you see your before and after results!

Reward yourself

If you’ve completed your scheduled routine for the week, treat yourself to something. Go to a movie or buy new…

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